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Taragh Bracken: From Oshawa To Salem

Recently, Taragh Bracken and her best friend Yvonne Simons visited Salem, Massachusetts all the way from their quaint town of Oshawa in order to meet real-life witches. They went down to the country’s first and oldest witch corner, Crown Haven, and had the opportunity to browse the crystals, candles and jewelry. They even took the Salem Witch Walk, where they met up with a lovely woman who toured them around the city and related modern-day witchcraft to the awful occurrences of the renowned historical Witch Trials.


The Angelite Crystal

As Bracken was browsing through the incense-filled shops, a few crystals caught her eye. One of them was a translucent blue stone that had etched blues and greens encrusted within. The shop-owner quickly approached her, stating that this stone would drive her closer to connecting with her higher self. Every crystal has a different level of spiritual and psychological ability as they contain various properties. When it comes to Angelite in particular, it helps the wearer with communication skills. This can allow for an alleviation of fear, replacing it with a lifting faith. It can also dispel anxious emotions and thoughts, instead counteracting it with a tranquil immersive experience. This crystal is a bright stone that will help one connect to their own internal awareness. In addition, Angelites supports the healing of the throat, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since communication relates to this body organ.


Citrine: A Journey To Success

Success doesn’t happen overnight, which  is something that Bracken has had to learn as a hybrid night owl and morning bird thanks to her profession as a lawyer. However, when she heard from the Crown Haven shop that citrine can help bring in more success, she was instantly fascinated. This stone does wonders as it does not hold on to negative energies but instead expels them—making it wonderfully low-maintenance and highly enjoyable to be around. You can expect to attract greater financial success wherever you place it—choosing your office space is thus a thoughtful idea!


Could The Set Up Of Your Room Be Affecting Your Sleep?

This Is Hard To Believe But..

 Did you know that the way you decorate your bedroom can greatly affect the quality of our sleep? It is so hard to believe as you may think that the only thing required for sleep is a bed, a blanket and a pillow. No there is more to sleep than just that! Here are some suggestions for accommodations that will make all the difference in your room. Though Brad Roemer is a real estate agent he also has a lot of contacts within the interior design field and can help when it comes to modifying your home.

Use Soft Colors To Paint Your Room When choosing the right color for your room it is sometimes very tempting to go for bold and aggressive colors as these colors may as well represent you. You may feel a strong connection with the colors as it enables you to make the bold statement that you are looking to make and getting a color that will bring personality and definition into your room. Though these are very interesting and valid points we must first ask ourselves what the actual purpose of the “bed” “room” is … Why do we call it the bedroom? The resting room? The main purpose of a bedroom is to sleep. In the event that you are not able to sleep in that room then it defeats the purpose of being called a bedroom because beds are usually designed to sleep in. It is therefore very important to get the right settings for your bedroom that are conducive to sleep. The taint of the color does not really matter, as long as it allows you to relax. Avoid bright colors that are too “aggressive” such as red, yellow and orange. Use more subtitle and relaxing colors such as neutral colors or light blue or green.  Try using aromatherapy as you can use different scents to change the atmosphere in the room. An example to this would be the smell of lavender as it has a lot of benefits for sleeping.  Minimizing the number of furniture that you have in your room is also a great aid to keep you relaxed and well prepared for your sleep. Brad would know a lot about this trick as he deals with interior designers on a regular basis.

When the room is too full and messy it definitely does not encourage a peaceful sleep. In order to get better quality of sleep try to refine all of the furniture that happens to be in your bedroom in order to get a more spacious and freer moving bedroom.  You may start by eliminating the useless furniture; bid farewell to all of the library shelves that are empty as well as the empty boxes that have no use!  Get rid of all of the electronics from around your actual bed. It is quite unfortunate that most of us sleep with portable devices around. The less distractions there are in your surroundings the better it is for you.  These are just a few steps that you can take to see considerable changes in your sleeping pattern.