Kevin Sheehan Shares The Best Way For Leaders To Give Praise

We are all leaders at some point in our lives, regardless of the “size” of our role. The skillset that needs to be applied is the same. One of the things that people often forget is that management is as much technical as it is an interpersonal job. A key tenet is that if your employees are happy, so will your customers be. But don’t take it from us. Take it from Kevin Sheehan, once named Miami’s Ultimate CEO, who has been at the helm of numerous companies including Scientific Games and Norwegian Cruise Lines. He is credited with taking existing businesses and making them perform at their best.


Managing Is Hard


Management roles can be extremely difficult and not just in a technical skills way. The Project management aspect of it is one of the critical areas. In a leadership role, you are always worried about whether or not you will meet the deadline or send the product to market on time. In companies where a project depends on certain technical key team members, you have to worry about how to get the most productivity out of them. In a project that is less technical, but which depends on multiple people, you have to worry about minimizing absences and so on. Ami all this, your team is looking at you for morale and you have to avoid showing outer signs of stress or they will start to get stressed too. Not just that, but the rush also makes you forget to say a few very important words to your team. Praise. You have to praise your team every once in a while, but you already know this. But have you thought about how you do it? Many managers seem insincere in their praise because they do it in a rush or by passing. They don’t give it enough importance. The best way to give praise, in my opinon is to let the workers speak. Let them share their story.