Essential Options for the Proper Shoe Usage Now

When we start buying new shoes, we usually look at the appearance first. Is it the right color, the latest model, do the shoes fit with the clothes? Especially women prefer the beautiful appearance of the shoe rather than the comfort of it. Did you know that women are more likely to suffer from foot problems than men? An estimated four times as much. Corns, blisters, lumps on the toe and calluses are often caused by wearing the wrong size or bad shoes.

How do you know that a shoe fits well with your foot?

Many foot problems can be prevented by walking on properly fitting shoes. But how do you know that a shoe fits well with your foot? There are a number of basic rules for buying shoes.

  1. Adjust the shoes before you buy them

The first line sounds very simple but is often skipped: fitting the air max Shoes. We assume too often that the size will be correct. Especially if you already suffer from foot complaints, it is not advisable to buy shoes without fitting them. Many brands use different sizes so that one size 39 is not the other. There may be an inch difference in the same sizes! Even if you buy standard shoes of the same brand, it is wise to first fit them.

  1. Shoes should immediately sit properly

Also be careful with solutions such as an extra sole or heel in the shoe. Shoes should immediately sit properly. Tools can of course help a little but often they eventually cause new problems (heels that slide, but too tight a shoe because of the extra soles).

  1. Pay attention to the sole of the shoe

Do you want to use the shoes to walk a lot? Then the sole should not be too thin and supple. If you want to buy sneakers whose sole is thin and you can easily fold them double, you know that little support is to be expected. Conversely, you can also suffer from insoles that are too stiff. This can certainly be the case with mountain boots and hiking boots. The stiff and stiff soles are really meant for the heavy mountain tours with lots of luggage. For day hikes you have, even in the mountains, often sufficient for a good (medium-high) walking shoe. So be advised!

  1. Try out the shoes indoors

Put on the shoes in the evening and walk around with them at home. If the shoe starts squashing after half an hour, you might be well advised to exchange it for a larger size or model. There are so many different brands, lengths and widths that there is a suitable and beautiful shoe for everyone. We certainly do not have to suffer pain to be able to walk on beautiful shoes!

Wrong footwear is a major cause of foot complaints!

The shoe choice of the customer also always provides us with interesting information. With air max Shoes have, to our surprise, observed that a total of 58% of all patients do not wear moderately adequate footwear in relation to the foot type and the complaints. This means that you yourself play an important role in reducing your own foot complaints. As a tip, we therefore want to give you a good listen to your body and choose the right shoes for the right moment.
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