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A tattooist who doesn’t have tattoos himself. “Yeah, the longer I don’t have one the funnier the joke gets,” he laughs. “And also people become afraid of you even more.” Part tattooist, part music producer, David Frisch‘s fiercely independent mindset means that he almost stands apart from what he does.“I choose motifs I want to draw and then people choose from that,” he says. “People choose my vision for the style and the jokes that are in them.” If you want a tattoo, you get invited into his world. On the face of it, it sounds like an oddly carefree attitude for something that is so permanent, but the stance that he takes in reality reveals a fiercely independent, outsider perspective.“Being a revolutionary is about thinking outside of the frame and to think differently something,” he explains. In a world where culture – from the news we consume to the markings we put on our bodies – seemingly comes from a shrinking pool, the danger of an inward-looking perspective and the need to step outside of the self-referential bubble is ever more important.

Highsnobiety and Nike are celebrating Air Max Day and the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 1 with an entire month of in-depth articles, personal stories and events. Find out everything that’s happening for Air Max month, read the in-depth story behind the Air Max 1, and find out how you and your Instagram can get featured on Highsnobiety with our Nike Snobshots competition.Even if you don’t know Jonathan Valena’s name, you’ve most definitely seen his work. Better known as JonBoy, the Filipino-American tattoo artist is the guy who tattooed that white dot on Kendall Jenner’s finger back in 2015.Then he was tapped to tattoo a tiny cross on Justin Bieber’s face, plus the glow-in-the-dark lightsaber on Highsnobiety magazine cover star Zayn Malik’s finger.

Just this past January, Bella Hadid went to him for a pair of angel wings on her feet, commemorating her status as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. What characterizes the appeal of JonBoy’s tattoos is the way he’s able to get a lot of detail onto a small surface.His style of fineline tattooing results in small tattoos with a lush richness. Sure, they can easily be covered up (which helps when you’re a professional model or actor), but the art really outshines its often small size.