The Handy Infographic That Tells Which Which Company Owns Which Brewery

If you’re the average person, the choice of beer to drink is probably the last thing on your mind. For you, this article may be an interesting introduction to beer and breweries. However, just like wine, cheese and cigars, beer has its own aficionados, connoisseurs and fans. And for those who might be reading this, this article will be an interesting repertoire of new knowledge. Either way, we’re excited to show you this Handy infographic that illustrates what company owns which brewery.

Why It Matter Which Company Owns Which Brewery

Why is it useful to know which major conglomerate brand owns which brewery? Because the word Craft beer has been a little bit overused. Out of the many brands out there, few are truly independent and artisanal brands, while many more in proportion are owned by parent conglomerates. This doesn’t meant that those beer brand are bad in particular…in fact it all depends on the management style of the parent companies. If the parent companies decided to take on a “hands-off-let-them-do-their-thing” approach, then you have nothing to worry about in terms of the quality of your beer. If on the other hand the parent company decided to squeeze every penny out of their portfolio of subordinates, then you have a reason to worry. It boils down to the top-brass’ decisions.


Now, there is no way we can reasonably expect someone to research the more than 100 beer brands out there so someone went along and did it for all of the rest of us. Thank you kind stranger! The infographic was created by Michael Tonsmeire of The Mad Fermentationist. He is the proud owner of the indie brewery Sapwood Cellars in Columbia, MD. His infographic illustrates the beer brand ownership of the nine biggest conglomerates on the market.

What is most interesting about this is that some conglomerates are indeed beer companies, like Molson Coors, while others are private equity groups, like Fireman Capital, that own brands like Cigar City and Oskar Blues.

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