True Quality of the Beers Kept Properly Now

Not always when we open a bottle of beer we can consume it completely: what is the best way to store it without the drink losing its aroma?Anyone who has ever left a beer bottle open in the refrigerator knows how quickly it loses its taste, and especially how it loses its effervescence due to fermentation. This happens because of a process called oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical process that triggers when the beer, which is a living beverage, comes into contact with oxygen, which causes some mutations in its organoleptic characteristics that make it practically undrinkable.

So, how do you need to keep an open beer bottle so that it does not completely lose its taste?

How to store an open beer bottle keeping beer open

Does the teaspoon method in the bottle work?

First you need to dispel a myth, or that of the spoon. Many people are convinced that inserting a teaspoon inside the neck of an open bottle, containing beer or another carbonated drink, will help to prevent the bubbles from disappearing. This is not true and you can easily verify by making a test and refrigerating two open beer bottles, one with a teaspoon and one without, and with the same level of drink: the presence of the spoon does not affect in any way their effervescence.

The common mistake derives from the fact that it is believed that carbon dioxide, given the presence of the spoon that obstructs the mouth of the bottle, cannot rise outwards and remains trapped inside the bottle, just as it is when sealed. Unfortunately, however, this is not reflected in reality. The Custom Stubby Coolers are perfect in this case now.


The right way to store an open beer

The best way to keep an open bottle is to plug it again. The possibilities in this sense are many: for example, you can buy one of those hermetic caps that are on the market, with the rubber body that adheres perfectly to the mouth of the bottle. In this way you will really get the effect of not going up the bubbles of carbon dioxide. However, we also say that rubber is not the preferred material to be in contact with beer.

Let’s not forget what has already been said: beer is a lively drink, for this reason it is very easily influenced by external agents. The rubber could give it a slightly different flavor, even if it is a type of rubber for specific food use.

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